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Win a FREE Kindle in the Countdown to Avenging's Release!

With the Launch of Avenging Approaching, 

Let's Celebrate!!!

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Two thousand years ago, King Triton witnessed the slaughter and total annihilation of his merchildren. He vowed then and there to never again father a child. Powerful and eternally youthful, Triton was no stranger to seduction. But his resolve was unwavering—until he met Nicole. Unable to resist the human woman, he found himself swept up in her arms. When he finally came to his senses, he abandoned her to return to his refuge in the sea.

Twenty years later, he comes face to face with his daughter. Triton is both thrilled and frightened to learn he's a father. Meeting the child he never knew fills a void in his life. But at the same time, he once again finds his heart at risk. Even more terrifying, he's forced to admit he's still in love with Nicole. Gathering his courage, he leaves the sea to seek her out. But the pain he caused is not easily forgotten, and mending broken hearts should be the least of his worries. An ancient evil is on the rise, stealing power from the gods, and threatening the destruction of mankind. And much to the sea god's surprise, the human woman he loves may be the key to saving them all.


With his heart pulsing under his ribs and his chest trembling with nervousness, Triton raised his fist and rapped on the door.
He waited for several moments. Nicole didn’t answer. He tried the bell.
Closing his eyes, he felt for her. She was near. Why wasn’t she answering?
He stepped off the porch and followed a flagstone path around the side of the house. The foliage opened up into a splendid view of the ocean. And there she was, sitting in the grass—her back to him. Triton’s heart pounded in his chest. Her arms were wrapped around her legs and her head rested on her knees. She looked so small; her beautiful, raven hair flowed like a waterfall down her back.
Her body shook and a soft, moaning cry escaped her lips. His heart broke when he realized she was weeping.
Fearing that he might startle her, he approached quietly. He didn’t dare touch her. Instead, he whispered. “Don’t cry, my sweet.”
Nicole raised her head, opened her teary eyes, looked into his face, and screamed.
Her shrill cry rent the air and stung his ears.
“Nikki, it’s okay. It’s me, Ty,” he gasped, holding his hands up as he took a step back.
“Get away from me,” she shrieked. “Oh no, I finally did it. I snapped. I’m so crazy that I’m hallucinating.” She stood and backed away from him. He frowned at how precariously close she was to the thirty-foot drop off at her back.
“I’ve obsessed so much about you over the years that it’s driven me mad,” she said.
“You’re not crazy, Nicole.”
“Oh really?” she said, taking yet another step back. “Then why is it that you show up out of the blue after twenty years? And why do you look exactly the same? You haven’t aged a day in the last two decades?”
“I was about to say the same about you,” he answered with a tentative smile.
“Oh very funny…I shouldn’t even be talking to you, you’re not real. Maybe, maybe…I’m dreaming.” Nicole slapped her own face, hard.
 “Don’t do that,” he said, reaching out to grab her.
She stepped back yet again and dodged him, getting dangerously closer to the edge, he gathered the waves from below to guard her in case she fell. “Be careful—” he began.
“Don’t tell me what to do,” she said and slapped him, stinging his cheek. “You have no right! You left me… you left me.” It was then she crumbled, tears coming in a torrential rain.
Triton stepped toward her and pulled her into his arms. “Sweetheart, don’t cry. I’m here now. I’m so sorry I left. I’m sorry I hurt you. I’m sorry you had to raise our daughter all by yourself. I’m so sorry for everything.”
Nicole’s head came up. “What? You know about Sara?” She looked him in the eye. Her breath hitched, water droplets clinging to her eyelashes. “Is that why you’re back? You’re here for Sara? You didn’t come back for me?”
“No… no, it was you I came back for. I’ve already settled things with Sara. It’s you I needed to see. I need to tell you…” He sighed, gathering the courage to speak the words from his heart. “I never should have left. I was confused and afraid. I was afraid to admit that I loved you. I still love you, Nikki.”
“But why did you stay away so long?” She sniffled.
“I haven’t been thinking right. I’ve only now begun to admit how much I love you and how much I’ve suffered staying away from you. I know it’s probably too late to ask, but I have to know. Could you ever begin to forgive me? I know I’ve hurt you too much to expect you to love me in return. But I would like to have your forgiveness.”
Nicole sobbed all over again.
Triton pulled away, his heart breaking at the pain he was causing her.
“No,” she shouted, pulling him back. “Please don’t go.” She hiccupped, threw her arms around his neck, and buried her face in his shoulder. “Please, don’t leave me; promise you’ll never leave me again.” She sobbed.
Triton wrapped his arms around her, and picked her up off the ground. “I promise.”

About Me:

I'm a mom who writes books in her spare time: translation--I hide in the bathroom with my laptop and lock the door while the kids destroy the house and smear peanut butter on the walls. I was born in Utah but lived in Kansas until I was 13, in Texas until I was 18, and attended college in Hawaii—studying marine biology.  I'm now back in Utah--"happy valley". I'm married to a wonderful husband, James, and we are currently raising 6 rambunctious children. My interests are reading, writing (of course), martial arts, visual arts, creating Halloween props, and spending time with family.

I signed with Clean Teen Publishing in 2013. My first published book Rising, quickly hit the best-seller lists and has maintained it's status on those lists since it's release in September 2013. The sequel in The Rising Series titled, Descending, was released in late March 2014. It also hit best-seller status--reaching all the way to #1 in Mythology on Amazon. And then the third installment, Avenging, is due to be released April 21, 2015.

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