Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Re-launch Silent Warrior Trilogy by Anna del C. Dye

The Silent Warrior Trilogy Edition 2 by Anna del C. Dye, has been released!

The brilliant epic tale of the elf race that lives in Andoria is now better than ever.

The Elf and the Princess

A most thrilling and captivating tale for readers of all ages Menarm was a great and prosperous kingdom, known throughout the lands for its friendly, hard-working people and fair trade. But a bitter struggle of succession between twin brothers left the kingdom devastated, the people divided. Some stayed with Fenil, who had conquered the crown, others followed Renil to the wild lands of the north, founding a new kingdom. Now Adren, the last princess of the vanquished realm of Menarm, finds herself alone in a world where women live in the shadows of men. Not only must she battle her enemies, but also a truth that could obliterate her last hope for happiness and bring dishonor to all those whom she hold dear. On her quest, she finds unlikely allies in a powerful prince and a defiant mercenary, only to be devastated by an ancient and wily elf. Will Adren survive this final assault? 

What other have to say:

Enchanting The Elf and the Princess by Anna del C. Dye is book one in the The Silent Warrior Trilogy. The plot is a touch of medieval, suspense, and romance. The Elf and the Princess is skillfully written. The plot is interesting and grabs the reader's attention. Dye has created a medieval world that will mystify and beguile the reader. The battle scenes come to life on the pages. The characters will enchant the reader. Fans of fantasy will not want to miss out on The Elf and the Princess. Debra Gaynor ReviewYourBook.com Fascinating read!!!! I recommend this book for any literature/creative writing class, most especially in the middle/high schools. Our YouTube children need fine examples of visually rich language that are more impressionable than short sound/visual bites. More, please!!! ~G. Chin  

Trouble in the Elf City

In the serene and beautiful city of the elfs, life has changed but little since Menarm was destroyed and the war ended. Three springs have passed and Adren, the last princess of Menarm, has settled into her new life. Her champion, the Silent Warrior, has not been seen since the battle at Wilapond. Suddenly the peaceful life in her new kingdom is challenged by enemies the elfs are unable to fight. Disaster seems imminent for their whole race. Will she have to witness the destruction of this kingdom and once again find herself alone in the world? Or can the Silent Warrior come to her rescue and save them all? Once again Anna’s inspiration from the myths and legends of Europe and from writers such as J.R.R. Tolkien has woven a new and completely original tale full of suspense, adventure, and medieval-style warfare in Trouble in the Elf City book two of The Silent Warrior Trilogy. Join in the continuing saga of Adren and the elfkind, in book two of The Silent Warrior Trilogy. 

What others say about Trouble in the Elf City: 

FANTASTIC STORY. Just like the first book in the trilogy, my attention was glued to the pages of this book. Not thinking it possible, Anna del C. Dye did an even better job with this one. Picking up right where she left off with the first one, I found myself falling more and more in love with the characters. This is a great book for people of all ages to read and enjoy. Not only is it a great story that you will want to read again and again, but it is also a teaching tool. It teaches the importance of protecting one's people, staying true to yourself, respecting people regardless of who they are, and helping people when they are in need. These are morals that should be ingrained in all children and adults. Anna del C. Dye, whether meaning to or not, has set up an exciting story that weaves these teachings into her characters through and through. 
~Ashley Merrill/ Front Street Reviews 

Elfs in a Conquered Realm 

On their visit to the vanquished Kingdom of Menarm the elfs face many uncertainties. However, they are strong in numbers and sure of their purpose. Zyrthal, the young elf strategist, is given the task of finding the kingdom’s hidden treasures; but instead the elfs find ruthless mercenaries who capture the train and will stop at nothing to obtain the treasures for themselves. Once again the Silent Warrior is sent to the rescue. Yet he has been battling demons of his own and finds himself in great doubts of his performance as the champion of the last Princess of Menarm. The shadows in his heart double with the disappearance of the two half-elf princes from the dead kingdom. Will he succeed in rescuing the young boys and thwarting the mercenaries, or has the Silent Warrior fallen from Adren’s grace forever? Elfs in a Conquered Realm is the outstanding finale to The Silent Warrior Trilogy. Anna has answered all the open questions in the continuing saga of this beautiful race. A masterpiece of storytelling, The Silent Warrior Trilogy will take you on a journey you will not soon forget. 

What others say about Elfs in a Conquered Realm: 

A Book for all Ages!! Anna del C. Dye's writing is fluid and flawless and it should come as no surprise that one will find this story as fulfilling as the first two in the trilogy. Her talent for writing fantasy will leave her name forever entrenched in our memories as we hope to read more of her stories long into the future. I would recommend this trilogy to young and old alike. Anna del C. Dye's immense talent allows her fans to be of any age and able to completely understand her magnificent stories. In a world so full of bad influences from the TV and the media, parents especially will view this book as a breath of fresh air and gladly encourage their children to read it in the hopes of instilling in them some positive values and life lessons. 
~Ashley Merrill for Front Street Reviews

Now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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